Meet Our Team

Our team brings extensive clinical and high-tech industry expertise to deliver quality access for families and children everywhere.


Dr. Cierra Gromoff

Co-Founder & CEO

Dr. Cierra Gromoff is a Clinical Child Psychologist who’s dedicated her career to building high-quality telehealth programs long before the pandemic.  With 10+ years of experience ranging from hospitals, schools, community mental health, and both public and private sectors – Cierra is deeply familiar with the challenges and limitations of existing telehealth solutions.

Growing up Alaskan Native, access wasn’t an option for Cierra and her family.  Experiencing similar barriers while working with families in Oakland, California – where some parents could not afford the gas to drive to her office – the lack of access is what fuels Cierra’s passion for solving it, and also why she specializes in early childhood mental health given early intervention creates the best opportunity for positive outcomes.

Christie Sander

Co-Founder, President & COO

Christie Sander has built, led, and scaled consumer products and diverse organizations across both startups and large corporations.  During her time at Apple, Nest, and Google, Christie has led a variety of teams ranging from Supply Chain to Strategy & Operations to HR.  Christie brings a wealth of business experience, and thrives when solving complex problems at the intersection of strategy, operations, and people.

Christie sustained a life-altering accident in 2021, renewing her clarity and purpose in life.  As the daughter of Taiwanese immigrants whose career essentially “grew up” in Silicon Valley, Christie is passionate about breaking the continuous cycles of cultural, generational, and societal expectations.

Together, Cierra and Christie founded Kismet Health in late 2022 with a shared passion for creating multi-generational change.  Between their respective clinical and high-tech backgrounds, Cierra and Christie have a unique perspective on how human-centered technology can unlock quality access for all.

The Kismet Team

Dr. Arwin Cotas-Girard
Head of Clinical

Dr. Cotas-Girard is a Clinical Psychologist specializing in early childhood intervention and assessment, including neurodivergent and LGBTQIA+ children. Dr. Cotas-Girard first started as an Applied Behavioral Analysis therapist, which inspired her to pursue a doctoral degree in Psychology from the Wright Institute. Now with 10+ years of experience across non-profit, private practice, the Department of Education, and large hospital settings, Dr. Cotas-Girard is a published author in peer-reviewed publications and serves on the Board for the Collaborative Assessment Association of the Bay Area. As a first generation immigrant, she is passionate about providing high-quality care to underserved communities, and is excited for Kismet to drive impactful and lasting changes for children’s wellness.

Dr. Sthefany Alviar

Dr. Alviar is a Clinical Psychologist who deeply believes in prioritizing early intervention and that the family environment is the “first teacher” of how to navigate life for young children. She advocates that families deserve access to support and resources to help them thrive. As a graduate from the Wright Institute in Berkeley, CA, Dr. Alviar has almost a decade of experience working with multiculturally diverse children, adolescents, families, and adults across outpatient mental health programs, special needs schools, short-term residential treatment programs, and private practice . Dr. Alviar is focused on attachment-based therapy with children and families who have experienced complex trauma.

Miriam Connor
Head of Engineering & Founding Member

Miriam is a software engineering executive with a track record of leading both engineers and social scientists to deliver cutting-edge technology at the intersection of NLP, AI, and Psychology. Miriam studied linguistics and natural language processing at Stanford, built tools at Google to better understand language in queries and on the web, and led teams at Humu to build software that helped managers become great mentors and coaches. Miriam is passionate about building technology that puts people first and is thrilled to be working with the amazing team at Kismet to bring children the tools they need to thrive.

Adam Conway
Founding Engineer

Adam is a seasoned software engineer with multidisciplinary experience across both startups and public companies. Previously, Adam was instrumental in building the e-commerce and mobile products at Blue Bottle Coffee, and also led mobile and developer tool projects at StitchFix. Passionate about the voice of the customer, Adam loves combining his engineering, prior customer support experience, and business strategy education to build technical solutions to business problems. Adam is excited for Kismet to build a better future for children, starting with making healthcare more accessible and effective.

Efrem Porter
Software Engineer

Efrem is a full stack engineer with experience at both early-stage and mid-stage startups, writing clean and reusable code to ensure the success of future engineers and the overall advancement of the product. Before Kismet, Efrem worked at Humu, where he developed software aimed to make work more enjoyable and productive for both managers and their teams. With a background in sales and teaching, Efrem believes in putting people at the forefront of the mission to create a seamless user experience; while solving real-world problems without sacrificing quality or performance.

Jamie Johnson
Engineering Lead

Jamie is a senior engineer and technical program manager with strong experiences in building and scaling engineering teams, culture, and processes from the ground-up.  Previously, Jamie managed frontend development and testing processes at Hurdlr, then was pivotal in establishing process and scaling the engineering team at Lark Health, a digital provider of chronic disease management and prevention solutions. Jamie believes in people first technology and is excited to build therapy tools that are focused on improving the experience for clinicians and patients.

Alice Zimmermann
Partnerships & Operations Lead

Alice has deep global experience bringing emerging consumer and developer technologies to market from early stage to scaling to 1B+ users. Since the early smartphone days, Alice was a custom intelligence analyst at comScore, a lead PM for social apps at Nokia, then spent 12 years at Google leading sales and strategic partnerships based in California, Mexico City, Tel Aviv, & London. Alice has a proven track record of being an inspirational product evangelist for ethical platforms of the future, and has helped teams build go-to-market strategy and partnerships across a range of AI-driven tech experiments, APIs, and features on Android, Web & Gen AI.

Julia Mills
Head of Sales & Business Development

Julia’s career spans over 25 years serving as an award-winning Early Childhood Educator, Technology Specialist, Pharmaceutical Sales & Training Professional and Business Consultant to start ups in the MedTech and Digital Health industry. She has established a large and influential network of trusted industry colleagues who together provide solutions to increase access to high quality medical and digital health technologies within hospitals and clinics. Julia’s personal and professional goal is to align with passionate Founders that share her mission – providing innovative, safe, effective solutions that will impact and improve healthcare, as well as the lives of children and families for generations to come.

Kristina Coleman
Marketing + Communications Lead

Kristina boasts a wealth of experience as a marketing consultant and trusted advisor, with 10+ years experience leading B2B awareness, retention marketing, and communications strategies in the healthcare and tech space. Previously, Kristina was the head of Americas Marketing at Proximie, a digital health technology platform, and played pivotal roles in marketing at esteemed academic medical institutions including Columbia University Irving Medical Center, NYP Hospital, Morgan Stanley Children's Hospital, Weinberg Family Cerebral Palsy Center, and UAB Medicine, among others. Kristina has a Masters in Communication Management and is based in New York City.

Advisory & Support Team

Chethan Sarabu
MD – Clinical Assistant Professor of Pediatrics, Stanford Medicine

Chethan trained in landscape architecture, pediatrics, and clinical informatics; and builds anastomoses across these fields to design healthier environments and systems. His journey into medicine started at a young age due to a chronic urological issue that led to a childhood full of doctor’s visits, challenging social situations, multiple surgeries, and still continues to impact his daily life. As a result, Chethan was motivated to become a pediatrician and improve the system for patients, particularly to ensure that children and adolescents are invited to participate in their care. Chethan is a clinical assistant professor of Pediatrics at Stanford Medicine, and Director of Clinical Informatics at Sharecare, where he works on designing and implementing innovations ranging from patient portals, EHR transformation, virtual clinical trials, AI-driven digital biomarkers, and health information policy initiatives all through a lens of health equity and patient centeredness.

Taylor Marcus
General Manager, Crate

Taylor is one of our earliest believers and advisors in the Kismet mission and team. She has 20 years experience across Google, YouTube, and Instagram where she led first-of-kind opportunities to drive innovation and business growth across partnerships and products. Notably, Taylor was a founding member of the YouTube Kids team. Currently, Taylor is the General Manager at an early-stage startup, and she earned her MBA at Berkeley Haas. Taylor is a big believer in self-care and addressing issues, health and otherwise, at the root cause.

Ryan Changcoco
VP – 2x Founder & Healthcare Industry Leader

Ryan is the current Vice President of Government and Investor Relations at Life365, Microsoft’s exclusive Remote Patient Monitoring healthcare partner. Prior to Life365, Ryan served as the CEO of two startups, CSurgeries and The Physician's Edge. Ryan also held positions at ATD, Blue Cross Blue Shield, and The Advisory Board Company, where he led product development as well as sales and marketing teams. Over the years, Ryan has helped to advise several startups with fundraising, go-to market strategies, and operations. As an advisor to Kismet, Ryan is excited to help develop meaningful solutions for providers in the pediatric behavioral health space.